NYC shootings are exploding this year

Get ready New York City for a summer of shootings.

On Saturday there were 15 separate shootings in the city. Fifteen people were shot. On Sunday there were an additional four shootings.

This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment since most of the city shootings are done with illegal firearms. However, this has everything to do with the policies of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the DAs in the five boroughs, who have tied the hands of police. Lax enforcement and prosecutions have given rise to more violent episodes.

More than 410 people have been injured in 372 shootings so far this year, according to NYPD data.That’s a 77 percent increase from 2020, when 210 shooting incidents were tallied by April 24, leaving 238 injured.

What will New York City look like when warmer weather brings more people out in the streets? It could be the new wild west.

The latest rash of gunplay comes as the city’s labor leaders called on de Blasio to put more police into the the subway — saying the system no longer feels safe and urged the city to protect its everyday “heroes.”

In a letter to the mayor on Sunday, union leaders representing hundreds of thousands of workers who rely on public transit called for an increased police presence in the transit system “at least in the short term.”

“The reality is, right now many of our members don’t feel safe riding or working in mass transit. This is unacceptable,” the officials wrote.

I — for one — am not looking forward to hot time summer in the city this year.


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