Politics doesn’t belong in sports

Well the worlds of sports and politics are soon to collide as the Olympics are to kick off this week in Tokyo.

While the Japanese organizers have banned overt political displays like Black Lives Matter apparel, we have already witnessed a US athlete disrespecting the National Anthem in a qualifying event with no ramifications.

We will also see the NFL open training camps soon after the league last week said it will play the “Black national anthem” before our Star Spangle Banner at many of its high-profile games.

However since TV viewers never see the National Anthem, it’s my belief most will not see the earlier rendition. That being said it would not surprise me if Black national anthem is shown in week 1by left leaning TV executives.

It’s too easy to employ the “woke/broke” analogy.

We have seen Fortune 500 companies admit that sales have suffered over them taking a far-left position with little regard to shareholder value. The CEOs of this companies have little to worry about since they can prop up their share price with no-interest loans to buy back their shares after any price carnage.

Well I will not be watching the Olympics, since I have little interest in them. I will also not be providing the NFL with any direct revenue. No game day TV package or tickets to a game.

I may watch some games at a local watering hole to help a business get back on its feet, but will turn on back on any wokeness the left sends my way.


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