Shots fired in Midtown and we are not talking vaccinations

Perhaps Mayor Bill de Blasio should heed the word of God — since a record amount of rain for one hour fell on his much ballyhooed concert in Central Park — and forget about jabs and focus on shots fired in Midtown.

You can cajole and entice people to come back to work in Manhattan, but if you can’t keep commuters safe all is lost.

On Monday a New Jersey commuter was shot in the leg outside Penn Station on his way home in a random shooting between two other men. Welcome to the Wild Wild Westside.

Major crime in the Midtown area is up so far this year compared to the same period in 2019. Felony assaults have soared 127 percent to 300 incidents versus 132 and burglaries have seen an uptick by 146 percent, from 106 incidents to 261. Misdemeanor assaults are also up from 422 incidents in 2019 to 582.

These numbers are startling when you consider that most commuters are not even using Penn Station just yet.

While de Blasio can celebrate more than 10.5 million jabs in the arm of New Yorkers, it only takes one shot fired — while workers run the gauntlet that is now Penn Station with its bevy of homelessness and lawlessness — to stop any chance of an NYC recovery.

You can put a Ferris Wheel in Times Square (which is opening on Wednesday), but if someone is spinning a revolver to put one in the chamber then you have lost the city, again.

Look it is pretty simple, private businesses have been operating remotely for the last 18 months very successfully. So if you wish to entice them back to Midtown with your new vaxx mandate, you better be able to keep them safe on their way home or all is for naught.

As one law enforcement official told The New York Post, Penn Station is “arguably one of the biggest hubs for mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness in the city and they put absolutely no resources,” he said. “No one is giving these people services.”

Remember what Stevie Wonder sang, “New York just as I pictured it,” as you hear the wailing of emergency sirens in the background. Well, welcome back to that New York City.


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