Hey NYC media here’s a new mandate on questioning de Blasio

Hell hath no fury like a mayor scorned.

On Tuesday Mayor Bill de Blasio was left off Gov.Kathy Hochul’s live press conference announcing the resumption of the 2nd Avenue subway north to 125th Street.

So what doe Little Boy Bill do? He says at his daily press conference that Hochul should require the vax mandate for all MTA workers.

So petty was de Blasio’s actions, it shows why disgraced ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo is out polling him in next year’s governor’s race.

Speaking of the mayor’s press conferences, are the media just going to toss softball questions for the rest of his term?

Here are a few questions I would like to see him and his team field over the next month.

“Mr. Mayor, earlier on in the pandemic there was much talk about herd immunity and how 70% vaxxed would be great. Now that the city is over 90%, why is herd immunity not spoken about?

Mr. Mayor, You give a daily number of people who have received at least one shot of the vaccine, do you have the a racial background behind that number?

Mr. Mayor, each day you speak of how great mandates are. Why would you not require a vaxx mandate for New Yorkers getting government aide in its many forms?

Mr. Mayor, do you have neighborhood vaccine rates?

Mr. Mayor do you have racial makeup of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid in the 5 boros?

While it may be the time to be thankful, we have seen the ramifications of trusting other democratic politicians during this crisis.

On a separate note, Mayor-Elect Eric Adams, please do not take another private plane ride with billionaire Brock Pierce. I’ve heard things. History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes.


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