We need to attend to the broken windows again in NYC

While many in NYC are mourning the death of two NYPD officers, there are some in the city so embolden by the dastardly act that they feel they can criminally act out with immunity.

There was a memorial outside the 32 Precinct in Harlem on Wednesday night for the two officers shot and killed. During that ceremony more than five patrol cars were vandalized with tires slashed and other damage.

This is where New York City is now. You can blame Bill de Blasio, you can point your finger at Eric Adams, you can accuse Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. But it goes far deeper that that.

There is something broadly wrong with a society that would take the opportunity to lash out at authority during a candle-light vigil for slain officers outside their precinct.

While most news organizations ignored or played down this part of the event, I see it as foreshadowing for further violence against police.

No one can say how that manifests itself, but let it be noted that there may not be all good will towards the NYPD even in their hour of grieve.

So Friday officer Jason Rivera — who I believe today will be posthumous promoted to detective first class and officer Wilbert Mora, who will receive the same honor next Wednesday at his funeral — will be buried today. May both these young men rest in peace after making the supreme sacrifice.

As for those using their death to create further chaos. May they rot in hell. For if we do not condemn these acts, despite how small they may be in the big picture, then we have lost too much as a society.

RIP Detective Rivera.


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