A lone voice in St. Patrick’s Cathedral speaks the truth

========== SPECIAL SATURDAY POST==========

Only the good die young. But their spouses live on.

Witness Friday as Detective First Grade Jason Rivera life was celebrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Witness as his childhood sweetheart and 3-month wife Dominique Luzuriaga celebrated his life through her eulogy at the cathedral.

Witness the blocks upon blocks of Blue Lives Matter that lined 5th Avenue standing at attention.

These are all testament to how New York City can come back. This horrific event can unify a city.

When a doubting widow can speak from the altar of the cathedral and tell progressive, woke politicians like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that her deceased husband feared for his life because of your policies, then you have real change.

The Rivera family left the cathedral on Thursday when Bragg and his entourage went to pay their respects.

Remember the name Dominique Luzuriaga because this is a young woman who could and should replace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Congress. She is strong and deviant in her stance against woke culture.

She is a witness of how progressive culture can tear apart our lives with their stupid notions that some lives matter more than others.

Can Rivera’s and fellow officer Wilbert Mora’s deaths galvanized a city? I believe it can given the words spoken by the widow.

This woman’s voice should reach Albany and Washington DC and put a back stop on the defund the police crowd. She single handedly told ultra left, progressive politicians that your time is over.

These people no longer hold the floor in their fight with most Americans. Hopefully gone are the days of telling most of us that this or that crime was committed because the felon did not have the same opportunities as the victim.

Dominique Luzuriaga put a voice to that. She loved her husband dearly and lost him to Democrats who thought being soft on crime was a progressive idea.

Rest in peace Detective Rivera. You left a devoted, dedicated wife behind you who will do great things in your name, I believe.


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