Chuck & Nancy can’t defend their wall ‘outrage’

President Trump in his Oval Office speech on Tuesday night gave his most presidential appearance of his term.

Trump was passionate and reserved as he pointed out to the American people the dire need for border security. He concisely pointed out the carnage and mayhem being brought upon this country because of illegal aliens.

His best line of the night centered on the morality of building a wall. “People don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, they build walls because they love the people on the inside,” the President said.

Now realizing of course that we are too far down the shutdown road for this, but liberal left politicians spend $5 billion in a cocaine heartbeat on their different agendas.

So if it’s not the amount of money needed for the wall, what is the Democrats rational for not funding the President’s request besides not giving him an important victory now?

Neither Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer nor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were able to inform the American people why they were against building the wall.

“It’s not as dangerous” as the President says. Is not an answer for the California police officer’s family and others cite by the President.

I’ll venture a guess as to why the liberals are against effective border security. The same reason the European Union is being overrun by Muslims. The globalists’ open borders agenda has brought out the yellow vests in force throughout France, Belgium and Germany to name a few.

Closing the border effectively would also reduce the Democratic Party’s ability to maintain its viability to recruit new members.

While all the parties will meet Wednesday to discuss further funding for border security,¬† nothing will come of it. So the ball will be in Trump’s court to declare a national emergency or a limited military action at the border to finish building sections not already funded and being constructed.

Chuck and Nancy chose the hill they wanted to die on, but could not give the American people the real reason for this futile effort.

It’s time for the President to move on to more important matters.


Tremors through the EU as Italeave gains traction

The attack in Nice, France has prick the latest equity bubble in early trading in Europe, according to media reports.

While the attack is horrific, I can’t say that financial firms or institutional investors have that on their mind.

I believe the driver behind the moves Friday is the Italian banks, which have been limping along for the last three weeks since just prior to the Brexit.

Italy is still looking for a way to end run the EU and bail out its banks. The leadership has had discussions with China, and Germany’s Angela Merkel squashed that move.

There’s an Italian election coming up with¬†Luigi Di Maio leading in the polls. Di Maio’s political party has a stance on having a referendum on voting to leave the EU and euro.

The “Italeave” movement is gaining strength as Italians fear they will be treated like the Greeks with bail ins and haircuts on their savings accounts.

This movement is sending tremors through the EU, since Italy is the third-largest economy in the EU.

Brexit is just the beginning

Welcome to Brexit and World War III.

It’s not a hot war, it’s an economic war, where debt is the new A-bomb.

The European Union has its seeds in post-WWII Europe, to draw the countries together economically so it would not be in their interests to go to war against each other, i.e. France and Germany.

Well that lasted 70 years, and now the grand experiment has run its course. The EU has no ability to keep the prosperous members from exiting over its socialist backbone. The bringing Germany and France down in order to fund its southern tier of willnots: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

How long will it be before Germany comes to the realization that it cannot continue to fund the EU members on its own? The disdain for immigrants creating ghettos in German cities and towns is out there on the web daily it many news stories and blogs.

Look no further than the stock reaction on Friday. Germany’s DAX was down almost 7% and France’s CAC lost more than 8%, while London’s FTSE only fell by 3.1%. The market knows who the real losers are. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece all saw double-digit loses on their exchanges.

The open borders policy that the EU has for immigration, which through Muslim terrorists acts, has left EU members open to attacks.

The nationalistic bent being pushed in Britain will spread through the continent, and those countries that can act, will.

So as EU bureaucrats say the parting of the ways with London must happen soon, they say that because Brussels does not want other member states to come to the understanding that the “Great Experiment” has run its course.

Unfortunately for Europe, there is no Marshall Plan for rebuilding the debt-ravaged countries on the continent, since America and Asia have their own debt problems.


Trump's nationalistic fervor may be spreading

I believe I see the link between Donald Trump and Nazism that his most hated opponents are making, but it’s not the connection they want you to make.

The common bond between Trump and Adolf Hitler is nationalism, which the Third Reich took to the utmost extreme.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and his “Build The Wall” rhetoric smacks the globalist, free-trade advocates in the face.

Trump is calling for tariffs and closed borders to unfair trade pacts, which have decimated American manufacturing jobs for the last three decades.

And now with dozens dead and scores wounded in the Brussels bombings Tuesday and the recent massacres in France, how long before Europe considers closing its borders to middle eastern nationals. Any government — including the European Union — can only be measured in its effectiveness by its ability to protect its citizens.

The French prime minister stated shortly after the latest bombings in Brussels, “We are at war. We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”

So how far off is Trump’s nationalistic bent?

When economies suffer protracted periods of little or no growth, the masses get restless. This was the case during the 1930’s in Germany as well as the last decade in America.

Despite what the government reports as the US unemployment rate, most Americans are worse off today than 10 years ago, based on wages and benefits.

This is the force that is driving the Trump campaign. The pendulum is swinging back in the US, after eight years of creeping socialism a silent minority has found a vehicle to voice its objections.

So into this fray walks in Trump with his nationalism and it has united the far-right and far left globalists.

There is not much common ground between the ultra conservative Koch brothers and the ultra liberal financier George Soros politically but when they both agree a Trump presidency is the worse thing that can happen for their agendas, you know he is riling up the globalists.

For me, this is a distinction I can see merit in.

So the Hitler tag placed on Trump by extremists both right and left — right now — may be playing into the hands of people who want to see no borders and no restrictions on the trade, which they profit handsomely from. This chorus may get louder and broader as we move closer to the Republican convention, but you have to follow the money to see where the message originates from.

Achtung, Greeks, Auf Wiedersehen euro

If you believe for one minute that the Greek government will enact these German-led draconian austerity measures in the next two days, well I have …

There is no way Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will stay in power if he pushes these measures through the Parliament. There is a better change of new elections in Greece than passing these proposals fostered upon the deal by and vindictive German leaders Angela Merkel.

It appears the Germans want to kick the Greeks out to hold the other countries in the euro together, especially France.

Merkel and the German businesses have to know that its people lived quite well the last 15 years on a weaker euro, which allowed German exports to rule the roost in the EU.

Without Greece, Spain and Portugal Americans would not be driving Mercedes or BMWs because of the prohibitive price tag.

For Merkel to announce on Sunday that these austerity cuts must be implemented before emergency funds are extended, is jack boot diplomacy at best.

Remember every time Germany imposes its will on Europe, not so great things happen.