Flynn, Pelosi nuggets in the drops

Monday night saw a deluge of 32 information drops on everything from convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein to the billions in financial rewards for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s brother and son.

Most of those drops will be covered extensively by others, however two drops caught my eye specifically last night. Flynn news coming was the first.

Has Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn armed with a new lawyer, been speaking to Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz? Horowitz’s report was due last month, but reports now say that his probe into FISAgate and SpyGate has been delayed due to key witnesses coming forward at the 11th hour.

The former national security adviser’s new lawyer Sidney Powell, who came on in mid-June, is a former federal prosecutor and a fiercest critic of the Justice Department and the FBI’s probe into a potential conspiracy between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Powell knows Horowitz as well as US Attorney John Durham, who Attorney General William Barr ordered to lead a separate probe into the origins of the bureau’s 2016 Russia Collusion case, which Flynn was implicated in.

The second drop is a little more intriguing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was attempting to block the drops. There is no elaboration on this, but my sense is that it dovetails with the reported surveillance of reporters Sara Carter and John Solomon, who have been breaking news on this for more than a year.

Using a “leaker” probe to find out how Carter and Solomon, who appear regularly on Sean Hannity’s Fox show, are getting their information Pelosi may have asked the FBI to put both reporters under surveillance.

Obviously there is much more to come on these two drops as well as the others from Monday night.