More DC connections pop up. Bill Taylor and Jeff Bezos

As I have pointed out earlier, it’s amazing the Washington DC connections between people involved in the major stories of the day.

Case in point is Bill Taylor, the former United States ambassador and chargĂ© d’affaires to Ukraine, who testified before the House secret impeachment hearing this week.

Bill Taylor’s father William Taylor worked at DARPA and Atomic Energy Commission with Lawrence Gise. Gise is the grandfather of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos also owns the Washington Post.

The two men worked on miniaturizing nuclear energy modules in order to put them in submarines and other peaceful applications after the Manhattan Project.

Bill Taylor the son — like his father — worked for the Department of Energy as Director of Emergency Preparedness Policy. He has also worked in coordinating US and international assistance to Afghanistan and Iraq during the conflicts at both locations.

Last month I pointed out that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had connections with Jeffery Epstein and Les Wexner through a firm called Mission Essentials, which was a CIA-backed global translation services company operating out of Ohio and Virginia.

Strange bedfellows abound in the biggest stories of 2019.