Jeffery Epstein’s other curious ties that bind

Today I would like to wrap up the ideas I put forward on Monday and Tuesday. This is not the first time I have made these observations so please see the links in the article below.

Jeffery Epstein was a child sex trafficker who worked with L Brands Chairman Les Wexner to facilitate arms and drug trafficking. While his Lolita Express plane is cited as being a transport for pedophiles, it had many hundreds more trips to Ukraine and other eastern European hot spots to run weapons and bring back drugs to the US.

Remember Epstein’s plane had the same tail number as a State Department aircraft. He also traveled under two different passports, one issued by Saudi Arabia.

Wexner ran an outfit called Mission Essentials, which as a CIA cutout, allegedly providing translation services to US operatives. The full back story is here in a Sept. 19, 2019 story.

Both of the FBI’s lead investigators into the Russian Dossier, lawyer Lisa Page and chief investigator Peter Strzok, worked with Mission Essentials in the late ’90’s.

Now how much of a stretch would it be for Epstein to bring young eastern European girls back to the states as “translators” by luring them in with the chance to become Victoria Secret models, which Wexner also owned. Pretty valuable brand for enticing young girls.

I’m not giving Epstein or his partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell a pass at all. However, the media and those involved do not wish for the public to become aware of this aspect of the sex trafficker’s life.

As an example, I wrote Tuesday of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein. Do you think British intelligence did not know all about Epstein? Did MI6 not know of the sex trafficking and subsequent taping of underage girls with powerful men was a honey trap?

Of course British intelligence knew and probably warned him. But what did Randy Andy provide to Wexner and Epstein? That’s what can bring down the house of cards or House of Windsor.

Lastly, let me give a piece of high octane speculation here. A few of the women associated with Epstein also learned how to fly with his instruction. Maxwell, herself was a trained helicopter pilot in the least.

So what — if anything — did Epstein have to do with training the 9/11 pilots in southern Florida? Remember he carried a Saudi passport at the time. This is why I wrote this article earlier this year.

Please click on the links provided to get the full story.