Achtung, Greeks, Auf Wiedersehen euro

If you believe for one minute that the Greek government will enact these German-led draconian austerity measures in the next two days, well I have …

There is no way Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will stay in power if he pushes these measures through the Parliament. There is a better change of new elections in Greece than passing these proposals fostered upon the deal by and vindictive German leaders Angela Merkel.

It appears the Germans want to kick the Greeks out to hold the other countries in the euro together, especially France.

Merkel and the German businesses have to know that its people lived quite well the last 15 years on a weaker euro, which allowed German exports to rule the roost in the EU.

Without Greece, Spain and Portugal Americans would not be driving Mercedes or BMWs because of the prohibitive price tag.

For Merkel to announce on Sunday that these austerity cuts must be implemented before emergency funds are extended, is jack boot diplomacy at best.

Remember every time Germany imposes its will on Europe, not so great things happen.


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