Taking a pass/fail with the Electoral College

Let’s discuss the election recount efforts of Green Party candidate Jill Stein in PA, MI, and WI.

Stein is not requesting a recount for her campaign, she had too little of the vote for it to matter.

No, Stein is looking to put these three states into play with recounts so that on December 19th when the Electoral College meets to certify the results and pick a winner, they will be unable to.

If these three states are in flux by being in the midst of a recount — this is why Stein ask for a hand count of ballots, since that would take longer — neither candidate would have the needed 270 electoral votes to be declared the winner..

I believe the plan is to have these states not be able to certify their results at the Dec. 19th meeting so that  President-elect Donald Trump would have 260 electoral votes versus Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Now my constitutional knowledge is a little sketchy here, but I believe without lawsuits and other legal maneuvers, the decision then goes to Congress to resolve. Since both houses are under Republican control both now and in the next session, Trump could be called the winner, but by what margin does the winner have to have? Is it a simple majority or something greater?

One other point on this. Stein raised a very large war chest in a very short period of time to fund this endeavor. This effort did not come from a Bernie Sanders-type fund raise of $7 a person. No, Stein was collecting on average $4,500 a minute to launch this campaign, according to published reports.

So Clinton, who chastised Trump for not accepting the election results, is probably the funding machine behind this effort in a desperate attempt to sway the election.

Can it happen, that Clinton supporters in Congress get her over the top, with arguments like “She won the popular vote” or having millions of supporters descend on Washington while the Congressional vote is going on?

Sure they could do all that and more than I can think of right now. But to what end?

I think the recounts will confirm a Trump victory on or slightly after the Electoral College meets and that will be done.


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