FBI’s Strzok slept with CNN reporters during Dossier probe: Report

A new FBI sex scandal has been uncovered and unbelievably it involves some of the same characters.

Disgraced FBI official Peter Strzok has been implicated in having sexual relations with CNN on-air personalities while he was working on the fraudulent Russian Dossier investigation and when he was lead investigator in the Mueller probe of the dossier, according to True Pundit report.

Strzok was relieved of his duties when his liaison with FBI lawyer Lisa Page was uncovered through the finding of thousand of texts between the two. Page resigned at that time.

According to the report, FBI agents brought the latest information on Strzok to the director’s office at the time but former FBI director James Comey and his successor Christopher Wray ignored the reports.

The report did not mention the CNN personalities involved, but did cite the many exclusive reports CNN aired during the Dossier investigation.


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