Americans can’t stand a House divided

I wrote Monday that the divide in this country is growing so wide that the Left was trashing Trump over the attack on ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Well the split is even greater as House Democratic leadership continue threats of holding an impeachment inquiry vote, which is still short of an actual impeachment vote of the full House.

Just keeping the smokescreen and partisan headlines going a bit longer.

There was no quid pro quo in the released transcript, yet Rep. Adam Schiff continues to bang the gong. I wrote earlier this month how Ukraine would bring the downfall of the Dems.

Schiff’s star witness, Amb. William Taylor, has been involved with Ukraine since 1992. He led the funneling of cash to the former Soviet states after the break up of the country.

How long can the Dems kick the can on impeachment without actually doing anything? Well its 35 days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry.

So Schiff’s Star Chamber of secret partisan testimony has not produced any credible charges allegedly since he has not moved on charges. I hesitate to even give this credence since Schiff cannot be a member of Congress and be a Special Counsel or empanel a grand jury at the same time.

However, the lack of transparency puts America in the dark over the process.

Someone mentioned once a House divided cannot stand. I believe many Americans can’t stand this House.


1 thought on “Americans can’t stand a House divided

  1. Let’s see when “reality” sets in!!! These people have been living in their own little bubble for so long & getting away with ?????? for so long, they have no clue about the true state of “reality”!!
    I anxiously await the BOOM that reins them in & exposes the corrupt underbelly that has been allowed to continue because no one was checking up on them!! INTEGRITY!!!! Where art thou??? !!!!


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