Pelosi using Articles of Impeachment to control Senate

As I wrote on Friday and appears to be confirmed on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be holding the Articles of Impeachment until it becomes an imperative to block the Senate from taking up other business.

Once the Articles are presented to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the impeachment trial takes priority over all other Senate business including FISA/SPYgate probes, approvals of federal judges including a possible opening on the Supreme Court and the passing of trade pacts.

I believe at some point in early 2020 Pelosi will use the excuse she is awaiting the federal court ruling on President Trump’s legal team case that it can execute presidential privilege and not have White House staff testify to the House impeachment panels. This will give her cover for the delay.

On Sunday Senate Democrats were beating the drums over Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s recently released report on DOJ/FBI malfeasance.

The language used by Judiciary chairman Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. Ted Cruz was very strong suggesting criminal charges could be brought for bad actors.

Graham also wants to know how high the plans went. Did the Obama Oval Office know and direct the actions of CIA, DOJ and FBI?

I believe if any of these questions were to actually come up in the Senate, the Articles of Impeachment would miraculously appear on McConnell’s desk within minutes.


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