NYC exiles adopting Nimby over BLM

Something big has changed in the sleepy bedroom communities surrounding New York City.

Just five months ago these once commuter-friendly towns and villages allowed Black Lives Matter protests and sought to aid in defunding the police, now the town criers are posting door-bell videos of gangs breaking into their cars and homes.

The responses to these posts on local community boards on Facebook and Instagram show the divide within the towns. Many are complaining that there is little response from the police to their plight.

You can’t be for defunding and then chastise the same police organizations for not being proactive to your complaints.

I find it highly ironic when communities tie gun banning ribbons around trees one month and then demand additional armed security to patrol their neighborhood the next month.

As the exodus continues from New York City, property values in these same neighborhoods have soared. Trust me these new neighbors have experienced first hand what lawlessness has reaped in their once respected areas of the city and they don’t want to go through that again.

These newbies can’t afford to see their new investment’s value crater because of the same lack of law and order. They know first hand the phrase “Get Woke, Go Broke” and they will not put up with that again.

The saying Not In My Back Yard (Nimby) may be the new catch phrase in Nassau and Westchester.


2 thoughts on “NYC exiles adopting Nimby over BLM

  1. We will just see what Mr. and Mrs. Milquetoast will or will not put up with. Cops are ‘players’ in a game where Mr. and Mrs. Milquetoast and their kids are mushrooms beneath notice. For the Cops it is the outsized pay and benefit/pensions packages and the skim from payoffs. For the 1000s of people in criminal gangs and the resale of stolen property it is the money. For the addict it is the flood of dope.
    MAYBE Mr. and Mrs. Milquetoast will stamp their tiny feet and cry louder….maybe not.


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