NYC voters: Revenge is dish best served cold, inside a restaurant

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to eat indoors…

American poet Emma Lazarus may not have wrote this exactly for the inscription on the pedestal of The Statue Of Liberty, but the rewrite is appropriate for those New Yorkers looking to flee the tyranny of Gotham.

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested again that indoor dining may not be allowed until June of 2021 and only if a Covid-19 vaccine is available.

This new dictate comes as the city posted a 0.6 percent COVID-19 infection rate — the lowest number recorded since the pandemic started in March.

At the same time New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the state’s restaurants will open Friday — the beginning of Labor Day weekend — with 25% occupancy.

What does this mean for city residents? well everywhere they turn, from Nassau to Westchester to New Jersey they can eat indoors.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also conceded New Yorkers will take their dining dollars elsewhere, but astonishingly warned of a second wave and upcoming flu season as reasons for the continuing shut down.

Are you kidding me! “Gov. Give Me The Facts, Not Your Opinion,” is now worried about flu season?

“Gov. We Must Flatten The Curve and Come Down From The Mountain,” is crippling the city’s restaurants over a hunch from the same state health officials that killed as many as 11,000 nursing home residents with their reccomendations.

You can’t make this up. No facts just his opinion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out over the weekend with revised numbers on the total Covid-19 deaths in the US so far. The number of deaths without underlying preconditions amount to 6% of the overall deaths — or roughly 9,200.

The clear definition of quarantine is to guard those most in danger, not the entire population. Let’s help those in need, while allowing the vast majority to resume “a new normal” lifestyle.

Then we may be able to save some of the 30,000 restaurant jobs in the city, many of whom do not have a voice speaking up for them.

My thought on all this is come November 3 is that New York will give the Democratic leadership the comeuppance they deserve as I suggested here. Why else are we seeing Biden/Harris ads in the local market before Labor Day?

New Yorkers flattened the curve and did not overrun the hospitals, however it’s time to storm the ballot box to get our liberties back.


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