What is it with Dem’s fightin’ words?

Can someone please explain to me why decades-long Democrats believe what is going on today is acceptable?

The liberal Democratic wing of the party really did some great things at times in the past. Today not so much.

The mayor of Portland, OR had his home firebombed with industrial fireworks — many weeks after surrendering his city to “protestors” — for not being woke enough.

The Governor of Wisconsin begged President Trump not to come to Kenosha over the police shooting of Jacob Blake who was a known felon.

New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago and many other cities have had shootings and other serious felonies soar as a result of Democratic leadership, who have either defunded the police and/or invoked radical prison reform that has resulted in no bail for felony offenders.

What of the many people in these cities who have lost jobs or homes because of these “peaceful protests”? What of the business owners who lost their enterprise due to a take over of a neighborhood?

Where is their voice?

Polls show that President Trump could get 30% of the minority vote on the law and order vote. No one wants to see their neighborhood afire. No one wants to walk 12 extra blocks to get eggs and milk because rioters took out the local businesses.

The Democrats are attempting to walk away from the violence, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can’t distance themselves from their words just four months ago.

Both profess that rioting in the streets was what was needed to affect change. Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxime Waters have spoken about effecting more change through far more aggressive actions.

As an aside, how much better would New York City be if Amazon and its 30,000 jobs where here now?

We saw that with many visitors leaving The White House after President Trump’s acceptance speech last week at the Republican National Convention. Threats of violence and verbal abuse were heaped upon those exiting The White House grounds as Washington DC police did very little.

To be a Democrat today is to eschew the liberal ideas and to move further left to a far more social democratic posture where government provides for your daily needs rather than you improving your future.

What I have noticed since the Republican National Convention is that mainstream media has not announce any new polls. Since Biden did not get any real bump from his Zoom-enhance, basement-inspired party, where are the numbers now?

I’m guessing the polls are far too favorable for President Trump to announce publicly for any mainstream media.

Burn baby burn, as Democratic cities give Antifa and Black Lives Matter the go ahead to destroy local business, they soon will come for that same leadership as well because there is no stopping them.

The lesson of 2020 is you can’t be too woke to placate these anarchists.


2 thoughts on “What is it with Dem’s fightin’ words?

  1. Good summary, Michael!! I dare say the General Public does not realize the extent of the damage done to these cities!! Because you live in one of them, you can give us a realistic picture of what has been going on. Such as….a line up of Moving Trucks, as more & more people decide to simply move away from what used to be The Big Apple of the World!!


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