I see a red wave sweeping the nation

Judgement day has finally arrived and boy did I sleep well Monday night.

I see a dramatic victory for President Trump on Tuesday. I believe he will win New York and Pennsylvania as centralist democrats walk away from the ultra-left party. Why else would Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be holding seven rallies on Election Day. You want your supporters to vote, not fill up the 12 circles at a rally.

I had to be in Manhattan on Monday and the number of property owners boarding up their storefronts was staggering. Of course the owners needed to take these actions because of the threats made by Antifa if Joe Biden losses.

I believe Trump will take popular vote and gain 350 Electoral College votes. The two main talking points coming out of the election will be the huge minority voters going for Trump. Traditionally Republicans receive 6% of this vote. In recent 2020 polls that number is looking at upwards of 30% of the demographic going for Trump.

The second talking point will be the number of walk away Democrats taking the red pill. Specifically in New York City, I do not believe any centralist voters would like to triple-down on the Democratic control after seeing what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have done to the Big Apple.

As I am predicting a run-away victory for President Trump, I am curious to see how the down-ballot Republicans do for the House and Senate. Can we retake the House or will Americans want a divided government?

Given the last four years and the drama we all endured over false charges, I do not believe Americans view divided government as a benefit. Look how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has held up Covid-19 benefits to thousands of dire Americans unemployed due to the pandemic.

I believe there is a red wave that will sweep the nation on Tuesday. I just don’t know if we will know about anytime soon since exit polling data will be scarce. I will be looking at stock futures after the polls close in the east to see what the pros think.


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