NYC crime becoming more brazen

New York City has become the wild, wild west literally as brazened acts have broken out in Manhattan over the last two days.

On Wednesday night diners at Philippe Chow on the Upper East Side had to flee because of gun fire after crooks snatched a Rolex watch from another diner.

“This is not a restaurant where crime problems are happening, but for someone to come by and attempt a robbery while you sit down and enjoy a meal is just unacceptable,” Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams told reporters outside the restaurant on Thursday.

“Our restaurants are really the bellwether of how well we recover. And I constantly state that the prerequisite of our prosperity is public safety,” he said.

Also on Thursday three female tourists from Texas assaulted a restaurant hostess on the Upper West Side after she asked the trio for vaccination proof.

All of the women were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief according to the NYPD.

Gone are the days where posh Manhattan neighborhoods were insulated from such violence. We have had shootings in Times Square and outside Penn Station in recent months.

It’s clearly time to re-examine Mayor Bill de Blasio’s community policing tactics. This soft glove approach gives criminals a get-out-of-jail free card after such brazen acts.


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