US Attorney Durham to grill Brennan, Clapper

Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan told an NBC news anchor that US attorney John Durham has requested that he be interviewed as part of his criminal probe into the 2016 Russia collusion investigation.

Brennan said on NBC he was “very comfortable with everything” he did during the run up to the presidential election and stated he wondered about the inquiry’s legal basis while  calling Durham’s request “bizarre.”

What I can report is that Durham’s request for depositions from Brennan and DIA chief James Clapper are not based on evidence collected by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz has no justification to look into the spy agencies since his purview is only with DOJ and FBI.

However, both Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr were in Italy earlier this month speaking with the Italian intelligence officials about their cooperation with US counter-intelligence officials in 2016. This sudden trip suggested that Barr and Huber were expanding the probe internationally to include intelligence operations of non-Five Eyes countries.

Huber also brought back two encrypted Blackberry phones reportedly used by Joseph Mifsud — the alleged “Russian spy with dirt on Hillary Clinton” — who was used as the key man to begin the collusion probe.

Both Clapper and Brennan have extensive public records of what they did and when they did it from being hired by NBC News as commentators, which may bring them problems if not corroborated by other testimony.

Durham has not yet sought testimony from FBI officials Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe,  James Comey, or former general counsel James Baker. It is believed those requests will go out after Horowitz releases his report.