Why so little coverage of the Yellow Vest protests?

Busy weekend on the drops with the overarching theme being what is being offered by the media — and what is not — to affect the narrative presented to citizens.

First case in point is the ongoing demonstrations in France with the Yellow Vests. Little coverage in the US of the thousands of people injured over the last month by police while the numbers of protestors grows. There have also been many protester deaths as a result of clashes with the police.

Cars burning near the Eiffel Tower as tens of thousands of French citizens demand changes to the socialist government policies. Why are we not seeing media coverage? Because the French protestors are asking for a halt to open border immigration and other EU initiatives, which are being pushed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and elsewhere.

We can hardly have the narrative playing out in the US that people globally abhor open borders while the Democrats push not fund a border wall.

Second case is the funding bill being worked on to keep the government open. The President wants roughly $6B for construction. The Democrats are hard-pressed to provide.

This really is a symbolic fight since the White House already has  the funding through last year’s military spending bill. No this fight is about optics and how far the liberals will take this fight. Will they close the government again over this issue?

Trump took responsibility for the first shutdown last month, however this one will be on the Senate and House liberal Democrats.

Will this lead to a split within their ranks? Perhaps as more centralist House Democrats — fearing a tough election coming up — challenge the far left with digging in their heels on this issue.

Last case is the continuing negative coverage of Q-Anon phenomenon being publicized in the media. The question posed is enlightening. If it is just a conspiracy theory, then why do hundreds of negative stories come up on a Google News search from major news outlets?

Why bother publicizing a fake moment? Why bother telling people not to look at it, if as many articles say, it is a fringe radical movement with a small following?

It falls under the line from “Hamlet” ““The lady [press] doth protest too much, methinks.”


Perhaps the Yellow Vest protests will lead to an EU Winter

The Paris “Yellow Vest” riots over the weekend has been going on for a month now with numbers growing.

The media blackout here continues with the narrative being the French do not like rising “fuel taxes”.

President Trump over the weekend exposed the bigger issue of what the French people are dealing with over President Emmanuel Macron’s extremist climate change policies.

Very sad day & night in Paris. Maybe it’s time to end the ridiculous and extremely expensive Paris Agreement and return money back to the people in the form of lower taxes? The U.S. was way ahead of the curve on that and the only major country where emissions went down last year! 

Macron, who chastised Trump at the Armistice Day celebration last month on the president’s nationalistic policies like tariffs, is facing his citizens wrath for taking the globalist view that the only way to change people’s behavior is to punish them through higher taxes.
The former Rothschild & Cie banker is being branded as an elitist who is taxing the poorer French people to fund his globalist agenda. While Macron backed off from raising fuel taxes for a few months, a reportedly, 136,000 protesters hit the streets of Paris this weekend to show the government that this is about his wider agenda.
Parisian shopkeepers, who rely on holiday shoppers, will be decimated as the French capital was on lockdown the past two weekends. The daytime peaceful protests are being followed up at night by marauding bands of younger unemployed men from just outside Paris looting storefronts as police forces are stretched to handle the daytime protests.
The Macron government, not facing election until 2022, however it has a difficult decision to make. Will it be able to lead this uber-globalist agenda such as the Paris Climate Accord and watch the namesake city burn or will the French people prevail to wrestle back control of their government?
This could be the start of the EU Winter, which like the Arab Spring some years ago, gave the people back some nationalistic control.