Nunes taking aim with big drop Wednesday

So the US should get a quarter point rate cut from the Federal Reserve at 2pm Wednesday — the first cut since 2008 — but that will probably not be the big news of the day out of Washington.

According to a report from DC insider Joe diGenova, we may see the beginning of the public release of declassified documents surrounding FISAgate and SpyGate.

On Monday, diGenova said Attorney General William Barr working with Republican Congressman Devin Nunes would begin the process of letting the public know why Special Counsel Robert Mueller years-long probe ended as a spectacular disaster for Democrats.

The reason, the release will prove was that the corrupt FBI brass who pushed the investigation knew from the onset that there was no collusion. So no matter how much time was spent probing Mueller’s team — try as they might — could not find the goods.

This is why obstruction of justice charges were put on the table. If you are innocent and push back against a two-year probe, then we can impeach on that charge.

I do hope we get some type of release today, however we have seen this issue be delayed before.

Hopefully more to come today.