Now Trump can go on the offensive

The Trump administration, fresh off of the vindication with the release on Thursday of  Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that no Russian collusion nor obstruction of justice charges were warranted, can now get back to the business of government change.

While the radical Democrats in the House will continue to double down on their delusional aim of bringing impeachment charges against the president, it will however get no traction in the Senate.

But what else can Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler do? They have no viable candidate for 2020, as the party careens further and further left with Bernie Sanders and the young bloods getting all the ink.

The administration has three blockbuster reports coming out, which could render the Democratic Party to the trash bin of history in the end.

  • First, would be the unredacted FISA warrant applications, which will show how the Obama administration used a partisan, Hillary Clinton campaign opposition research report to spy on American citizens.
  • Second, is the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on how the Justice Department led by Loretta Lynch perverted the rule of law to help the Clinton campaign during the election.
  • Lastly, is Federal prosecutor John Huber’s investigation into the Clinton campaign’s misuse of private computer servers housing classified files and then destroying them to cover up the crime.

Once these reports are released along with the indictments for leaking  classified intelligence information by ranking House members the Democratic Party may poll less than the Libertarian candidate or other third-parties. That’s how devastating these reports will be.

The timing on the release is key since the Trump White House wants to take back the House in 2020. It can’t be too soon as Americans have a short attention span when it comes to politics.

But it will come over the summer and it will be monumental.