May Day in NYC, Mayday, Mayday

Well its May Day here in the socialist capital of the US and rest assured New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be out in force today at whatever anti-Trump rally he can find.

De Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm Jr., has taken NYC down such a horrendous path with his populist politics — where police officers are no longer allowed to keep order on the streets for fear of being labeled a racist or bully, since they are under constant surveillance with body cameras.

New Yorkers trying to get to work (which is what May Day celebrates– workers) now have to negotiate the streets with emboldened panhandlers aggressively soliciting hand outs as the sidewalks are littered with cardboard signs claiming every type of hard luck from Attention Deficit Disorder to “Need Weed, Not Feed”.

Surely most of these people need help in their lives, but the de Blasio Administration has chosen to “empower” them with their freedom to be homeless instead of providing needed housing and programs.

Also de Blasio when wanting to be considered a “man of the people” during the latest election took his photographer out to ride the subway. However the mayor cleared out the subway car and used staffers as commuter in the shot. Man of the people — as long as they are his people.

If de Blasio is the face of the new Democratic Party (which he certainly believes he is as he travels across the US) then there should be no fear from the right. Since this man’s politics barely play out in the outer boroughs of the city.

He has ambitions, but little practical ability to take his socialist agenda any further than The Bronx on ramp to the George Washington Bridge. The American people would see right through him.

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