Will Assange testify that Seth Rich’s murder was not a simple robbery

In Monday’s post I wrote how Julian Assange and Seth Rich communicated with each other before Wikileaks published the Hillary Clinton emails.

The  revelation came to light through a FOIA request of the National Security Agency where they admitted to having 15 documents consisting of 32 pages of conversations between the founder of Wikileaks and the Democratic National Conference worker Rich.

While this information was released quietly in Oct. 2018 in a letter from the NSA to attorney Ty Clevenger’s request for information on communications between the two individuals, Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his report last week still held to the believe that it was the Russians who worked with Assange to hack the Clinton severs.

This is an excerpt from the letter Clevenger received from the NSA:

Your request has been processed under the provisions of the FOIA. Fifteen documents (32 pages) responsive to your request have been reviewed by this Agency as required by the FOIA and have found to be currently and properly classified in accordance with Executive Order 13526. These documents meet the criteria for classification as set forth in Subparagraph © of Section 1.4 and remains classified TOP SECRET and SECRET.

How could Mueller and his cut-throat, partisan investigators turn a blind-eye to the details of the NSA filing?

Because the truth would destroy Mueller’s whole investigation into Trump and the Russian collusion. Despite Mueller already knowing in the middle of 2018 that his lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page — caught in an adulteress affair — where telling each other there was no collusion, the NSA revelation had to be ignored.

Bill Binney, one of the founding members of the NSA now retired, stated that if the NSA has 32-pages of information between Rich and Assange it means these two were in communication with each other since that is all the NSA tracks. Emails, phone calls and texts between two parties are all scooped up by the NSA.

Adding to the Russian hack is BS, Binney concludes that the data transfer rate for the Clinton email hack could not have been done remotely. It would have to have been downloaded on a thumb drive from a computer within the DNC offices.

So what does this mean vis-a-vis Assange’s arrest earlier this month from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and the Trump White House request for extradiction?

Well the Trump administration does not need for him to testify that there was no Russian collusion, but US Attorney John Huber or DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz may want him to recount Rich’s involvement in the Clinton email release to reopen his 2016 murder case.

Washington DC police said the motive for Rich’s shooting was robbery, but since nothing was taken from the body, this seems wrong.

However given the Assange revelations, this murder case takes on a whole new cast of suspects.



1 thought on “Will Assange testify that Seth Rich’s murder was not a simple robbery

  1. So glad you continue to expose the truth, Michael!! In this day & age it seems FACTS do not matter…..only the “agenda” that is being pushed forward. Corruption in High Places should be shocking the entire Nation!! Wake Up! America!!!


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