Follow up on DNC kicking Biden to the curb

I want to follow up on Monday afternoon’s exclusive post on the Democratic National Commission’s debating over the removal of Joe Biden from the top of the ticket over his son’s laptop revelations.

My sources confirm there is a large minority within the DNC looking to move Hillary Clinton onto the top of the ticket to defuse the party from a late October surprise bombshell being released this week.

The major problem with this thinking, according to one source, is the millions of ballots already pledged to the Biden/Harris ticket, which could be cancelled with a Clinton/Harris ticket.

However, the rogue Clinton DNC members believe that the Electoral College representatives could allow Biden votes to be tallied with Clinton votes to reach a consensus in their respective state counts, says a pro-Clinton source.

If this thinking is so, this election will certainly go to the Supreme Court after the mid-December Electoral College decision.

Now you see why the Amy Coney Barrett nomination is so critical. It insulates the high court from Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the left on this important issue.

The Biden/Harris campaign still has a lid on all media contact hoping to weather the storm until the presidential debate later this week.

Look for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to give them some cover on Tuesday with a pledge to pass the Covid-19 relief bill. This move will dominate the headlines for a day, moving the laptop scandal off the front page.