Covid-19 shutdown at 6 months, it’s time for a change

Since it’s a Saturday let me take this opportunity to reflect on the past 6 months of the Covid-19 lock down in New York.

We were asked to comply by the governor to stay home for some weeks to “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm the hospital system.

Well if we have learned anything from this exercise it is never give up a God-given right — even temporarily — because you may never get it back.

Then came the horrendous George Floyd incident, which brought Black Lives Matter to the nation’s attention.The defund the police movement then caught fire along with many minority-owned businesses.

Liberal politicians across the US flocked to embrace the group until the riotous mobs came to where they lived. Then it became a problem. In the many months since it has become apparent that no politician is woke enough for BLM.

Ask the people of CHAZ/CHOP in Portland, Ore. if they support the anarchist activities after Antifa/BLM invaded their neighborhood and immediately built border walls.

It is quite obvious to me that over the last 6 months that America has lost its way, with many good people comprising the silent majority awaiting the presidential election to voice their opinion.

I’m afraid that may be too late. That path may be paved with good intentions, however it could also be on fire from Molotov cocktails.

To suggest that Antifa/BLM wished to bring about positive change in the US for minorities is foolish and misguided. The leadership of the groups are devout Marxists hellbent on fomenting an anarchist revolt to abolish the current system.

The only real change they can be credited with is moving centrist democrats and libertarians to the right in this upcoming election through their rioting.

It’s time to have civil demonstrations that aver that all lives matter and if you want equality for all in the US that starts with a good education for all. Let’s abolish the teachers union so all children in the US have a right to free choice when it comes to their education.

My definition of white privilege is “suit up and show up and do the next right thing”. Self reliance and following the golden rule have suited me well these many years, even when I became an orphan at the age of 13.

This last 6 months has shown many Americans how suspect they should be about their local politicians and the draconian decisions they can make.

While the Constitution still stands, it has been battered and bruised by liberal politicians trying to placate radicals. There is a process set forth in the document to bring about change, however many would rather see the Constitution burn — like many cities — than follow the prescriptions laid out in it.

When does this all end is anyone’s guess. November 4th? December 14th? January 20th?

Plenty hangs in the balance on this election, so now is the time to hear — loud and clear — from the silent majority.


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